Sunday, January 21, 2018

Paul Bocuse, The Legendary French Chef Dies at 91

Paul Bocuse, the legendary French chef credited with transforming French cuisine, has died at age 91, France interior minister announced Saturday. But for Disney fans Paul Bocuse is also the one who had two restaurants at Disney World, including the famous Epcot France pavilion restaurants "Les Chefs de France" and "Monsieur Paul", ruled by his son and serving 1500 guests per day.

Paul Bocuse, right, with chefs Gaston Lenôtre et Roger Vergé, at Epcot.

Paul Bocuse was also the one who served as inspiration for the Auguste Gusteau character in Pixar's animated movie Ratatouille.

More about Paul Bocuse in English on CNN HERE or in French on Libération HERE and don't miss the great short documentary below ( in French ).

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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Last Ten Days to Enjoy The Special Offer on The Disneyland Paris "From Sketch to Reality" Book!

The special offer on the acclaimed Disneyland Paris book will end on January 31, meaning that we're now entering the last ten days to enjoy the great special offer. Copies of the Disneyland Paris book are still available in its English edition. The French edition is now out of stock but if you're French, and wish to purchase the book in its english edition a PDF file of the full French text of the French edition will be sent to you.

Here is all you need to know to order a copy of the "Disneyland Paris From Sketch to Reality" book for those who have never seen the book. First, it's a gorgeous 320 pages coffee table book with 750 pictures of the park including 250 WDI artworks, all DLP attraction posters, and dozens more of sumptuous artworks! The text by Disney historian Didier Ghez tell the story of the creation of the park from dozens of interviews of WDI Imagineers who built the park. It's also probably the best gift you can find for a Disney Parks fan - and it is true! Have a look below to the mosaic pictures showing a selection of pages of the book.

To place your order for the DLP book, please send me an email at: with your shipping address. The price during the  special offer is 65€ ( instead of 85€ ) and shipping worldwide is 22€ ( except Belgium and Italy for which it is 29€ ).

As i've said above for French readers a PDF file of the full French text of the French edition will be sent.
Lecteurs Français: Etant donné que l'édition française est épuisée, un fichier du texte complet original en Français sera envoyé aux acheteurs Français ne comprenant pas l'anglais.
Egalement, Il me reste trois exemplaires de l'édition collector française, état neufs, 250€ pièce, si intéressé me contacter à l'adresse email ci-dessus.

Also, each order will receive two surprise gifts - actually there is more than two - and these are GREAT gifts that each DLP fan love!

You can pay with Paypal, credit card or bank transfer. For Paypal payments please send directly the full amount  including shipping ( 87€ worldwide, except for Belgium and Italy for which it is 104€ ) at:  If you wish to pay by credit card and bank transfer, let me know in your email and i'll tell you how to do.

If you've never seen the book before, don't miss the video below showing the full 320 pages of the book!

Disneyland Paris Hotel California Grill Restaurant Transferred to the Castle Club Founders Room - And Why the Founders Room Would be a Great Place to Create a Club 33 at DLP

D&M faithful reader Robert Stallard informed me that the Disneyland Paris Hotel Inventions restaurant is in renovation until February and has been moved to the California Grill restaurant nearby. During that time the California Grill has been moved upstairs to the Castle Club Founders Room on the 3rd floor, the same room from where Robert watched the fireworks during his "Sparkling Experience" dinner last month. Guests access to the Founders Room with the Castle Club private lift. The characters dining and breakfast which normally happen at the Inventions are now happening in the California Grill where Inventions has been moved.

As you'll see on the pictures below coming from Robert it looks nice in the Founders Room and it confirms what i think since a while, i.e that the Founders room would be a great place to create a Club 33 at Disneyland Paris. DLP execs probably have thought about having a Club 33 at DLP and one of the reasons why there is no Club 33 might be because they won't find French ( or others Europeans ) willing to pay the huge amount of money which is required to be part of a Club 33. It's a pity as the Founders Room really would be perfect for a Club 33, not only it's one of the best place to watch DLP fireworks at night... but half of the theming is already there, with the old books, old style furniture, etc... It would be very easy to include additional theming which probably wouldn't cost a lot to create in the Founders room a Club 33.

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Friday, January 19, 2018

“Tokyo Disney Resort 35th ‘Happiest Celebration!’” Begins April 15, 2018 - Full Program of Events

“Tokyo Disney Resort 35th ‘Happiest Celebration!’” will begin April 15, 2018 and Oriental Land unveiled the full program! You have below each page of the Press Release PDF, please click on each page to see them in bigger size!

Pictures and press release: copyright Disney - Oriental Land Co

Video : Shanghaî Disneyland Toy Story Land Rex RC Racer Now in Test Mode

At Shanghaî Disneyland the third Intamin RC Racer model themed with Rex is now in tests and MiyaPa Masane has the video showing it! The video was filmed from SDL Tomorrowland, meaning that it unfortunately confirms the visual intrusion problem created by the RC Racer...

Video: copyright MiyaPA Masane

Monday, January 15, 2018

Shanghai Disney Resort Celebrates Chinese New Year with Traditional Experiences and Distinctive Offerings as the Year of the Dog Begins

Chinese New Year is next month and it is the biggest event n Asia, and especially in China where dozens of millions of people are moving onside - or out of - the country to meet their families. As you can bet, there is no way that Shanghaî Disneyland won't celebrate the event which last almost three weeks in China and from January 22 until March 4 at SDL, and here is the full SDL press release.

Note: Normally i do a copy and paste of the press release text and pictures but this time, as i like the pages layouts you have each original page like it is released to the press by SDL/ Make sure to click on each page to make the text bigger, if needed. 

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